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There are many times we make decisions & we are unsure if we are making the right one. But we have to learn to trust ourselves & God. If we go down the wrong path, He will be our tour guide. A tour guide He will be because He will show us new things we’ve never seen, along the way. Then…He will lead us to the right place, safely! (clg, 7-29-13)

Inspirational Thoughts


Fears: We all have them. We sometimes ignore them. However, many times we allow them to get the best of us. I read two pieces on fears within five minutes. I wasn’t searching for them. One was in my email, the other in my fb newsfeed. Guess it was a sign for me to send out this a.m. 🙂

Face your fears! Pray about them & turn them over to God. Fear is a route the devil takes to 1. get you away from His peace & closer to the fire 2. keep your mind & soul in turmoil 3. to be out of synch, angry, confused, & frustrated.

Don’t let your fears in life keep you in captivity or become your downfall. Talk about it with your Father. He will make it A-okay! #TrustHim!
CLG, ©2012

Inspirational Thoughts


Expectations–>> One of the biggest reasons hearts become broken & souls become crumbled.

We expect of others so much because of 1. the “candy coated” words they tell us 2. the way they used to be, we wish somehow there will be a redesign, an exact carbon copy of what was, if only for once 3. we THINK people will eventually tire of being childish, trifling, & floating down toward minimal and basic, & instead seek advanced fabulosity.

The fact is–> the only ones we should have expectations for is ourselves & God! We have to believe in ourselves, set our paths, then determine the route.

We expect Him to love us because His love is everlasting. He will be with us always, even until the end of the world. His mercy is unending, unyielding, no favorites, he is THE Alpha & Omega. He is our Provider (Jehova Jireh), He is our Healer (Jehovah Rapha), He is Peace (Jehova Shalom), our friend when no one seems to care. He is the great I Am. He is our source. So why bother with worldly expectations? Love yourself unconditionally, even if tears come & they will. Even when loneliness comes & your world is in shambles, seek Him. He is waiting…
Candace L. Gillespie