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Real Talk 11.20.12

We, as humans are constantly in ‘want’ mode. It is okay to want nice things and want a nice life. However, try to become an ‘observer’ of your own life, and look at your internal & external qualities. Look within deeply, what do you have? You have qualities that are unique because they are yours. They make you who you are! Focus sometimes on what you have and who you are before you wish for more! People love you for who you are, even when you lose yourself in people & situations. True love is based on the qualities within. Those things make us beautiful! 😉 (Candace G.)



You…me…we are as one, together making magic moments, together, through it all…

I love you infinitely. You are the reason I exist. You are my destiny. You are my shining star, my bestie, my all…my love to infinity.   
You…me…you bring out the best, the best possible in me. You fill my heart, you fill my soul with love, love eternally. You are the reason I keep on, when life gets so tough. The road gets too rough. But you…you help make my loads light. You encourage me day and night to keep going, never give up…to never give up…

I love you infinitely. You are the reason I exist. You are my destiny. You are my shining star, my bestie, my all…my love to infinity.         

If only…only you could peek inside my heart, you would see how much I care. How much I need you there. Then you’d see that with you is where I want to be. For this love is like no other. It is above amazing. It is beyond bliss. This is a fairytale type love that I never want to end. It is heaven sent from above. God blessed me with your love & in you I find safety. In you I belong…I belong….

I love you infinitely. You are the reason I exist. You are my destiny. You are my shining star, my bestie, my all…my love to infinity.


A Dream?

A Dream?

Too good to be true, a love too strong to be real.
I replay the evolution in my head. I just keep wondering if it is real.

Did I conjure you up in my mind? Is this a dream? Loving you like the air I breathe. Is it a crime?

The look in your eyes, the gentle touch. The way you make me laugh, making me remember so much.

A love extraordinarily strong, you are the rhythm to my song. We have had each others hearts so long.

Entangled in a web of love. A love/hate kind of thing. My heart smiles when it is you, when my cell rings.

Your name is imprinted in my mind. I promised that I’d never again leave you behind.

Te Amo Daddy, I so love you. Yes it is real Daddy, I am in love with you.

Yet I keep thinking I am dreaming. This love can’t be real. I keep on telling you exactly how I feel.

Deep down within, you are my soul. I shall love you eternally, this love never grows old.

If for some reason, I have conjured this up inside of my head, just let me keep playing make-believe, without you, I’d rather be dead.

‘Til the end of our lives, I will always be…a love beyond love, you are Daddy, & I am always your baby!



Loving You…

Inhaling & exhaling/I do it because it is innate/just as I put one foot before the other to walk

As eyes blink/and hearts of those alive beat/My love for you is what makes each blink, thump, step, & breath more satisfying.

Everything, the instincts, the learned behaviors, all of it is made worthy/because of our love for each other

Time after time/it is proven as a hypothesis becomes a fact/ that you have mad love for me

I am your baby/I call you daddy/because no one else puts on me/ what you do/ No one else makes me feel like you do.

Even if you spanked me/ I’d thank you daddy/ cause that just means I am naughty & you were in heaven

I tantalized your mind/ I freaked your soul/ You re-proposed/ with me, you shall grow old/ old and gray, yet, as we will still lay/you’d call me baby/ & you’d still be daddy.

This love/ is something unreal/ I take two steps forward, away from you/ only to feel/ feel lost in this cold world alone/ without you my backbone/my mocha thrill/who keeps it too real

For you/I take ten steps back/just for you/for no one else loves me as you/I replay it all/from way back when/from back then in time/I chunked your heart in the wind

I had no time/no time for you/I was on a seperate mission/trying to search for the truth/ the truth about myself/while you were out for your wealth/being responsible/yet I was only playing with fire.

In time I began to see/ how much you meant to me/even when I went astray and yes, I did betray/yet you remained/after the Ish I did/ I said never again, would I treat you as I did/out of anger & hurt/I did wrong/Never again would I hear you sing this song/saying/”Lost without you”/ cause never again/your side will I leave/never again/ will I make you grieve/for my love/For yes it is true/Te Amo Daddy/All my love is for you….