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The things we endure have been endured before. There is nothing that is happening or will happened that has never happened. People have similar experiences or the same. Yet, each person’s reactions are different because we are all different. We were all created unique. That is evident down to our appearances, our personalities and to be more concrete, our fingerprints. There are no carbon copies of ANY of us. Even twins are different. We are entitled to feel the way we feel and act the way we act in the face of adversity, trials, and during the bright moments in our lives as well. We should keep in mind that even though we are ONE…there is no other like us, we are not alone in our struggles. The same things we struggle with, others do too. We just have to use those struggles to turn them into triumphs. We appreciate things more when we can reflect on all of the trials we faced to achieve positive results. The hard times teach us -> 1. who is really by our side 2. what life is really about and 3. God is there waiting, hoping we come to Him for guidance

Inspirational Thoughts · Just Another Post...(Pictures & Thoughts)


Each day this week, think of three things you are thankful for. On Friday, use those things as starting points to obtain the goals you have yet to reach in your life! The things you are thankful for 1. Make you smile 2. They are focal points in your life 3. They are great motivators 4. Get to planning. 5. Yes, you can do it, yes you. (Clg)

Just Another Post...(Pictures & Thoughts)


Selfishness…what an awful thing it is. I continuously see selfishness rear its ugly head, all around me, all of the time. God made this perfect world for us and we, the humans he made, in his own image, have ruined it with selfishness and greed. We have no positive regard for others. It is all about “SELF”. All of us have some selfish traits at one time or another. Yet all of us are not always selfish! There are times when we crave certain things, even if it is just contentment or something we really want. Yet those things don’t make us greedy or selfish, unless taken to the max!


–never lending a hand

–always wanting something from SOMEONE

–being ungrateful for what YOU HAVE

–NOT thanking GOD for what you have, because of HIM!

–asking a person to do something, and wanting them to stop and do it on your terms, with no regard for what the other person is doing or has to do

–“just because” phone calls, text messages, visits. YET, when something is WANTED or needed OR they realize they have been a complete idiot, here they come, blowing ya up…Shaking my head!

–giving you something, yet, the “gift” has a hidden meaning. (A person gives you something because they want you to do something for them or need to bug you about something for the next month)

What happened to caring & empathy? What happened to being nice to someone just because? Selfishness & greed has taken a toll on society as a whole and in relationships of all kind. What happened to giving without always having a trick up your sleeve?

I always try to let the ones I love know I love them through kind deeds and actions. Showing love and appreciation is not always shown through giving material things. Sometimes others just need you to GIVE or LEND them a shoulder to cry on. Some just need someone to listen to them and offer encouragement. Some just need, at some times, someone to simply “be there”. The power of knowing someone is there with you, whether they say a word or not is simply priceless.

If only people could get over themselves and realize the world is bigger than THEIR WORLD and just be there sometimes for someone else, the world would be a much better place!

((Thoughts from the heart))

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I Remember, Part II.

I remember when I realized exactly how much time had passed me by.

So much time & energy had been wasted on the wrong things.

Things & people, undeserving of “a place”, were once a priority. So much time I wasted you see.

It seems I was on a quest, trying to find, all of the things I’d lost, things that were mine.

I forgot the most important of all. I forgot myself, it was my ultimate downfall.

I remember grasping a strong hold on myself. It was about loving life & nurturing self.

I remember when things I once thought were serious became so small. I let it go. I lost the desire for it all.

Those things I did not need, goodbye to them, hello to ME!

Along the way I rediscovered, so much about life, It was as if I’d first uncovered…a priceless treasure, a once in a lifetime find. It all came clear when I realized it was all here in my mind.

Everything I needed already existed inside. No longer did I think I’d lost my mind.

I remember choices.

I remember peace.

I remember walking away, from bits & pieces of me.

I remember finding tranquility in things others thought of as me being silly.

I remember being able to make choices without being guilty, doing things for myself, just to be a little frilly.

I remember when going back on my word hurt. It was obvious that dedication was part of my work.

I remember when I had no conscience. I did not care. I was taken for granted so; I may as well have not been there.

I remember when I started seeking more of His word. I was tired of doing me. It was so absurd.

I had to be still, to listen within. I had to chill out and realize who was and was not a true friend.

I remember hate. I remember a hate so strong it was within me, in my bones.

I remember when I was restored, the tears of joy, oh how they poured.

I remember vowing I would never forget who I am.

Never again would I not be my own priority.

I remember feeling His presence around, such a breath of fresh air, gratefulness, deep down.

I remember…

Just Another Post...(Pictures & Thoughts)

Thanking Him…

For no reason, I thank Him, I thank Him just for loving me so.
I thank Him for creating me & creating me as He did.
I thank Him just because…
I thank Him for it all, the favor, the countless blessings,
the love, the guidance, for life, love, & family.
I keep thanking Him for being grand.
I keep thanking Him for being Lord of all, creator of all,
the Alpha & Omega, the only eternal one…
I keep thanking Him…