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Soul Searching

Look into your own eyes, to read your soul instead of attempting to read the souls of others. Learn more about who you truly are and what you truly want, then you have time to learn about others & their perceptions of you. Everyone worries too much about how others view us at some points in our lives. Fact is-> no matter what we do or don’t do, faults will always be sought and found. Our lives are ours. They should be based on our own happiness, goals, & personal meaning instead of how we think we should be for others. Soul searching is good, especially during quiet times…#KeepItRealWithinYourselves! {{CLG, 2*26*13}}


Loving You…

Inhaling & exhaling/I do it because it is innate/just as I put one foot before the other to walk

As eyes blink/and hearts of those alive beat/My love for you is what makes each blink, thump, step, & breath more satisfying.

Everything, the instincts, the learned behaviors, all of it is made worthy/because of our love for each other

Time after time/it is proven as a hypothesis becomes a fact/ that you have mad love for me

I am your baby/I call you daddy/because no one else puts on me/ what you do/ No one else makes me feel like you do.

Even if you spanked me/ I’d thank you daddy/ cause that just means I am naughty & you were in heaven

I tantalized your mind/ I freaked your soul/ You re-proposed/ with me, you shall grow old/ old and gray, yet, as we will still lay/you’d call me baby/ & you’d still be daddy.

This love/ is something unreal/ I take two steps forward, away from you/ only to feel/ feel lost in this cold world alone/ without you my backbone/my mocha thrill/who keeps it too real

For you/I take ten steps back/just for you/for no one else loves me as you/I replay it all/from way back when/from back then in time/I chunked your heart in the wind

I had no time/no time for you/I was on a seperate mission/trying to search for the truth/ the truth about myself/while you were out for your wealth/being responsible/yet I was only playing with fire.

In time I began to see/ how much you meant to me/even when I went astray and yes, I did betray/yet you remained/after the Ish I did/ I said never again, would I treat you as I did/out of anger & hurt/I did wrong/Never again would I hear you sing this song/saying/”Lost without you”/ cause never again/your side will I leave/never again/ will I make you grieve/for my love/For yes it is true/Te Amo Daddy/All my love is for you….

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I Remember, Part II.

I remember when I realized exactly how much time had passed me by.

So much time & energy had been wasted on the wrong things.

Things & people, undeserving of “a place”, were once a priority. So much time I wasted you see.

It seems I was on a quest, trying to find, all of the things I’d lost, things that were mine.

I forgot the most important of all. I forgot myself, it was my ultimate downfall.

I remember grasping a strong hold on myself. It was about loving life & nurturing self.

I remember when things I once thought were serious became so small. I let it go. I lost the desire for it all.

Those things I did not need, goodbye to them, hello to ME!

Along the way I rediscovered, so much about life, It was as if I’d first uncovered…a priceless treasure, a once in a lifetime find. It all came clear when I realized it was all here in my mind.

Everything I needed already existed inside. No longer did I think I’d lost my mind.

I remember choices.

I remember peace.

I remember walking away, from bits & pieces of me.

I remember finding tranquility in things others thought of as me being silly.

I remember being able to make choices without being guilty, doing things for myself, just to be a little frilly.

I remember when going back on my word hurt. It was obvious that dedication was part of my work.

I remember when I had no conscience. I did not care. I was taken for granted so; I may as well have not been there.

I remember when I started seeking more of His word. I was tired of doing me. It was so absurd.

I had to be still, to listen within. I had to chill out and realize who was and was not a true friend.

I remember hate. I remember a hate so strong it was within me, in my bones.

I remember when I was restored, the tears of joy, oh how they poured.

I remember vowing I would never forget who I am.

Never again would I not be my own priority.

I remember feeling His presence around, such a breath of fresh air, gratefulness, deep down.

I remember…

Just Another Post...(Pictures & Thoughts)

Some enter our lives to remind us of who we are & what we believe in. Then they exit our lives after we learned, leaving trails of love, memories so priceless & true that the memories warm our soul on cold nights & cool our hearts when we are living so fast it seems we have become burn out. Each person, each season is only part of our journey, our lives. CLG, 2012.