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Take A Step in a New Direction

There are some words we need to be careful using–> can’t & never are two. We sometimes don’t realize how these words keep us stuck in life & love. We allow ourselves to remain where we are even though we are hurting, where we are. I am not talking about where we are as in our locations. I mean our overall positioning–relationships, jobs, our hearts, minds, & souls. We love hard. Yet fear keeps us inside this tiny box. Fear brings anger. It brings misery, helplessness & hoplessness. But our biggest enemy is not always the next person. Our ‘hater’ is not always the person you had an argument with or the person that lied on you or backstabbed you. Sometimes we are our own enemies & haters. Yes, we are because we let our pride and/or our ‘nevers’ & ‘can’ts’ stand in the way of our happiness & simply taking a risk. Risks are scary. But what is life without adventure? What is life without doing something you never have before? What is life without the one you love when you are broken and all you need to do is to take a step in a new direction? Love, true love, is priceless. God is love. Therefore, anything dealing with love, love that is morally right, He is cheering you on. Fear, never, & can’t are of the devil. He is glad when those things keep us stuck in our tracks. Confusion is of satan too. Let God guide your mind. Ask for discernment & guidance as you go after what you truly want. It is not about appearing weak. You know your strength & worth. It is all about love & happiness! Dreams happen for a reason. People enter your life for a reason. Arguments happen for a reason. Even when doors shut in your face, it is for a reason. It is okay to become transparent. Sometimes it is perfect to be transparent. It does not make you less of who you are. It is just that your happiness is worth stepping outside of the box. (Clg, 7-11-13)

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The things we endure have been endured before. There is nothing that is happening or will happened that has never happened. People have similar experiences or the same. Yet, each person’s reactions are different because we are all different. We were all created unique. That is evident down to our appearances, our personalities and to be more concrete, our fingerprints. There are no carbon copies of ANY of us. Even twins are different. We are entitled to feel the way we feel and act the way we act in the face of adversity, trials, and during the bright moments in our lives as well. We should keep in mind that even though we are ONE…there is no other like us, we are not alone in our struggles. The same things we struggle with, others do too. We just have to use those struggles to turn them into triumphs. We appreciate things more when we can reflect on all of the trials we faced to achieve positive results. The hard times teach us -> 1. who is really by our side 2. what life is really about and 3. God is there waiting, hoping we come to Him for guidance

Inspirational Thoughts · Just Another Post...(Pictures & Thoughts)


Happiness= feelings of euphoria that you can’t explain. It is as if your day has gotten better instantly and you can’t explain how or why. Happiness is realizing it is nothing you did to feel that way. It is all because of Grace & Mercy. Happiness is having friends that are family and they are the family we chose. It is OUR CHOICE to love them so. It is THEIR CHOICE to love us as they do. Happiness is knowing that no matter what, things will be okay, even on the cloudy days in our lives. Happiness is knowing He always cares for us…and he will forevermore… (CLG, 2-18-13)

Inspirational Thoughts · Just Another Post...(Pictures & Thoughts)

Our Children…

How can we not care about how our children look, act, or develop? How can we waste time on things and other people while our children suffer? They are part of us. God gave them to us to love, cherish, and cultivate their souls, because they came from HIM! How can we mistreat them, neglect them, abuse them? Yet, we find time to nurture ourselves and fix ourselves up, while our kids look homeless. We must be careful how we treat our children. Children are so precious in the sight of our Father. We NEED to remember the SOURCE for all of our existences. (CLG, 2/26/2013)



You…me…we are as one, together making magic moments, together, through it all…

I love you infinitely. You are the reason I exist. You are my destiny. You are my shining star, my bestie, my all…my love to infinity.   
You…me…you bring out the best, the best possible in me. You fill my heart, you fill my soul with love, love eternally. You are the reason I keep on, when life gets so tough. The road gets too rough. But you…you help make my loads light. You encourage me day and night to keep going, never give up…to never give up…

I love you infinitely. You are the reason I exist. You are my destiny. You are my shining star, my bestie, my all…my love to infinity.         

If only…only you could peek inside my heart, you would see how much I care. How much I need you there. Then you’d see that with you is where I want to be. For this love is like no other. It is above amazing. It is beyond bliss. This is a fairytale type love that I never want to end. It is heaven sent from above. God blessed me with your love & in you I find safety. In you I belong…I belong….

I love you infinitely. You are the reason I exist. You are my destiny. You are my shining star, my bestie, my all…my love to infinity.