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Take A Step in a New Direction

There are some words we need to be careful using–> can’t & never are two. We sometimes don’t realize how these words keep us stuck in life & love. We allow ourselves to remain where we are even though we are hurting, where we are. I am not talking about where we are as in our locations. I mean our overall positioning–relationships, jobs, our hearts, minds, & souls. We love hard. Yet fear keeps us inside this tiny box. Fear brings anger. It brings misery, helplessness & hoplessness. But our biggest enemy is not always the next person. Our ‘hater’ is not always the person you had an argument with or the person that lied on you or backstabbed you. Sometimes we are our own enemies & haters. Yes, we are because we let our pride and/or our ‘nevers’ & ‘can’ts’ stand in the way of our happiness & simply taking a risk. Risks are scary. But what is life without adventure? What is life without doing something you never have before? What is life without the one you love when you are broken and all you need to do is to take a step in a new direction? Love, true love, is priceless. God is love. Therefore, anything dealing with love, love that is morally right, He is cheering you on. Fear, never, & can’t are of the devil. He is glad when those things keep us stuck in our tracks. Confusion is of satan too. Let God guide your mind. Ask for discernment & guidance as you go after what you truly want. It is not about appearing weak. You know your strength & worth. It is all about love & happiness! Dreams happen for a reason. People enter your life for a reason. Arguments happen for a reason. Even when doors shut in your face, it is for a reason. It is okay to become transparent. Sometimes it is perfect to be transparent. It does not make you less of who you are. It is just that your happiness is worth stepping outside of the box. (Clg, 7-11-13)

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Gray clouds hang over often. They sometimes linger, with lightning strikes & rain pouring down. Yet, storms do not always last. The storms teach us to have more faith. When we realize that we made it through the storm, we learn how to endure each storm a little better. Even when storms become intense, our faith and endurance is what we hold on to. They make us wiser & teach us to trust Him to prepare for all things…and to make it… {CLG, 3-18-13}

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The Cold Road

Many bumps, snares, and potholes, there are…No coat, yet it is below freezing. The road is icy. Skidding is inevitable. Yet all we can do is go slow and hold on tight. We must stick together along the cold road, driving slowly versus trying to hurry in the ice cold to get to our destinations. The world is so cold. We would have warmth if we work together instead of working against each other and trying to tear each other down. If we shared love versus hate, we could create a fire, a fire of love on the cold road.


Inspirational Thoughts · Just Another Post...(Pictures & Thoughts)

Real Talk 11.20.12

We, as humans are constantly in ‘want’ mode. It is okay to want nice things and want a nice life. However, try to become an ‘observer’ of your own life, and look at your internal & external qualities. Look within deeply, what do you have? You have qualities that are unique because they are yours. They make you who you are! Focus sometimes on what you have and who you are before you wish for more! People love you for who you are, even when you lose yourself in people & situations. True love is based on the qualities within. Those things make us beautiful! 😉 (Candace G.)

Inspirational Thoughts · Just Another Post...(Pictures & Thoughts)


Each day this week, think of three things you are thankful for. On Friday, use those things as starting points to obtain the goals you have yet to reach in your life! The things you are thankful for 1. Make you smile 2. They are focal points in your life 3. They are great motivators 4. Get to planning. 5. Yes, you can do it, yes you. (Clg)