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Got to Believe

If we believe, we will be at peace knowing He will remove the storms and replace them with sunshine. We just have to give him our doubts and fears…CLG

Inspirational Thoughts


Fears: We all have them. We sometimes ignore them. However, many times we allow them to get the best of us. I read two pieces on fears within five minutes. I wasn’t searching for them. One was in my email, the other in my fb newsfeed. Guess it was a sign for me to send out this a.m. 🙂

Face your fears! Pray about them & turn them over to God. Fear is a route the devil takes to 1. get you away from His peace & closer to the fire 2. keep your mind & soul in turmoil 3. to be out of synch, angry, confused, & frustrated.

Don’t let your fears in life keep you in captivity or become your downfall. Talk about it with your Father. He will make it A-okay! #TrustHim!
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