The Backyard Bunnies (2012)

The Backyard Bunnies is a children’s story created by my son. He was seven years old when he created the characters and story based on bunnies that live in our backyard. The book is available on Kindle, on Amazon, and at my Create Space eStore. He has brought the bunnies to life, creating an adventuresome story that any and everyone can enjoy!


The Backyard Bunnies


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Life: Through These Eyes of Mine (2011)

It consists of poetry and short stories. Content is appropriate for teens. There is content about child abuse/neglect, love, inspirational pieces, and other topics that many are faced with in everyday life.

Below is the PayPal link to purchase the book. It is $15.00 via this link. When purchased via PayPal, the funds are sent to me & I ship the book to you, autographed. It is $18.00 via the & Create Space eStore Links.

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Poetic Reflections: A Compilation of Poems (2009)

This book consists of poetry only. There are different types of poetry within including inspirational, haiku’s, elegies, & erotica. The content is for individuals 18 years of age and older (MATURE AUDIENCES).

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Thanks in advance for your support. I hope you enjoy reading either or all of the books you purchase!