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30 poems in 30 days

30 Poems in 30 Days Day 11


How Do I?


How do I begin to pick up the pieces of my heart?

It seems to broken, so pulled apart.

I trust God to fill the void you left.

Even though it is hard and I have wept.

How do I begin to fully let go?

I know what you’d say, if you could tell me so.

You’d say, “Baby, don’t worry. I am okay.

I told you I don’t want you upset. You can face another day.”

The pain cuts deep. It is unexplainable.

Yet I talk to God about it to make it manageable.

When I think I am fine, thoughts come to mind.

Then I am right back where I was, questioning myself,

Trying to place my feelings upon a shelf, saying,

How do I?

CLG, ©2013


30 Poems in 30 Days, Day 12


Full Circle

We live, we learn, we sometimes fail.

Yet life is amazing. On waves, we sail.

We go round and round, in circles all the time.

We begin to wonder, how and when was the decline?

Everything you issue comes back to you—the good, the bad, and the evil too.

Life consists of full circles, circles we all create.

We must deal with the contents we put on our full plates.

Our plates are our lives, the ones we make choices about.

We have to be careful how we treat others, without a doubt.

CLG, ©2013

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30 Poems in 30 Days, Day 10




I sigh at the foolishness. I sigh at the positive things.

 I sigh because it reminds me that I am alive.


I sigh when I don’t know what to say. I sigh when I wish I

was somewhere on a vacation, laid back in the sun.


I sigh to keep from snapping. I sigh to whisper a prayer instead.

I sigh and shake my head when that is all I can do.

Sighs mean many things. Good thing only I know why I sigh.

CLG, ©2013

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30 poems in 30 days, day 8

I love you like the ocean, full of waves and mystery.
I love you like my favorite song. You are both stuck in my head.    
I love you like the King’s gold, a priceless treasure you are.
Everything beautiful reminds me of you.                                      
I love you like a cool breeze on a summer day. Thankful for you as I am the breeze God sent my way.

I love you to infinity. Forever you are with me.
CLG, 4-8-13

30 Poems in 30 Days

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30 poems in 30 Days, Day 7


Links sometimes break. Sometimes they bend out of shape. They sometimes fall off. Links are like relationships.

Some are beyond repair. Some relationships lose direction. Some simply fail.

The only thing that can mend broken links is by holding on to the memories of when verbalized. the  chain was whole, strong, & new.

Memories are like stories. They tell what can’t be  Yet YOU see and hear it in your mind & soul.

CLG, 4-7-13

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30 poems in 30 days (Day #5)



Eyes Closed, Yet Open…


When I close my eyes, I see you, as if they are open.

When I awaken, you are the first thought on my mind,

even through the night, as I awaken, I think of you.


I shake my head, with my eyes yet closed because it

seems surreal. I hear your voice in my psyche as if you are here.

I see you in my mind’s eyes, as you were, as you became,

and as you were in the end.


All of the visions bring a smile with tears. As I said goodbye to

you, after your transition, I smiled when I first saw you.

I smiled because I love you so much. I smiled because God has

been so good. I smiled because I know how much you loved me.

I smiled because you are now at peace.


My heart is in pieces, as if it truly hurts from grief.

Tears come so frequently. I just let them flow.

I visit your sepulcher often because it calms me.

It still feels weird. It is as if I am waiting for my eyes to

really open up and I learn it was a dream and I can talk to

you again. I can make you laugh. You can make me laugh.

You will be here. Yet, every morning when I awaken, it hurts

that it isn’t a dream and you are not here in the flesh.


I am comforted by knowing you are at peace.

Yet I am trying to cope with the pain. I miss you.

I love you. I will keep my eyes open, all the way

so I can focus on how you impacted so many.

I will focus on the bond we had. I will focus on how

you were always there. I will focus on how you loved me

despite. Even when I was wrong, you loved me. Even when I told

you of wrongs, you loved me. You never judged me. You never neglected

me. You were like my other mother.


You are at peace. As I came from seeing you after the transition,

a single dove sat on the bricks near a window at my house. Just one dove,

a gray dove was there. Doves are synonymous to peace.

It was a sign that you are at peace.  White is a symbol of peacefulness.

The white owls in the tree near your resting place are symbols of peace.

As I drove up late one evening, one owl left. One remained in the tree.


I shall keep my eyes open. It doesn’t matter if they are closed, yet open

or open, yet closed. You are still in my heart. You always will be. I love you to

infinity. ∞

Candace L. Gillespie, ©2013

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Day 3 Poetry


National Poetry Month (30 Poems in 30 Days, Day 3)



Drip, drip, drop,

the raindrops are pouring down,

falling from the Heavens.


Some say raindrops are God’s tears.

It would make sense if it was true that he would be

shedding tears for the world. It would make sense that

He would be crying for the sins that we have committed,

the ones that we have not asked Him to forgive us for.


The raindrops, if they were from God’s eyes,

they would be for all of the murders, rapes, all crimes,

the abusing, misusing, the lies, the games, the treachery,

all of the horrible things that happen on a daily basis in this world,

His world, one He created for us, as He created us to enjoy His

world. Yet, it seems all we seem to do is destroy, as if we are

descendants of Satan instead of having been made in His likeness.


The raindrops, they come heavy, sometimes they come light.

They should be a symbolic way of washing the world’s sin away.

When the rain stops, it should mean that lessons have been learned

and people will live harmoniously versus trying to tear each other down,

living for deceit and pain. Drip, Drip, drop, Raindrops.

Candace L. Gillespie, ©2013