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Thankfulness & Trusting Him — 09/16/2017

Thankfulness & Trusting Him

Be thankful for everything. Just thank Him–all you have comes from Him…the good, tough lessons, everything. It’s all for a reason. Sometimes when we keep doing the same things to ourselves that hurt us, and he gives us no relief, it’s a lesson, reminding us-haven’t I told you before dear one? When will you get it? All things that hurt us aren’t meant to HURT us, they’re meant to teach us. We don’t get it until we GET it through ways that physically or emotionally hurt us badly. Same as Him constantly saying, Haven’t I shown you who they are? He’s said this to me sooo many times, seriously. I finally get it. Listen to your instincts and your bodies people, that’s His way of sending you signals. When you don’t, the signals become messages and the messages become lessons and then tests and thus trials. Each time it becomes harder, weighing on your mind, body, and soul. Your instincts or as many say your gut which is discernment–spirit of the truth my Late Aunt Ada called it, can save you from so much. Thing is, we always want things to be different. We want people to be different. We want to give benefit of the doubt. We want to give chances. But what are you losing doing so? Yourself…Listen to what’s been shown/told to you. Being empathic is okay. But wasting time losing yourself and going against what He’s shown is damaging. Be thankful & pay attention!


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Reflections — 12/30/2016


We should always reflect on our lives not just at the end of the year. However, as old chapters close and new ones begin, it’s hard not to do big reflections. It’s also time to be more grateful than ever. Even if your year was rough, you’re still here. That’s a lot to be thankful for! 
It’s also time to plan what the next chapter will be about and start executing the steps to make everything become a reality. Realize it’s nothing you’ve done, it’s not about you. It’s about your Source. It’s about Who keeps you and shows you Favor & Mercy! That’s why you’re still here through it all. That’s why you’re still standing…#KeepThankingHimJustBecause, #HeDidIt! 

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The Election  — 11/22/2016

The Election 

The election, the election, the election, the election….😩!!!!
My take: when you have faith in God, that should supersede everything else. Concern is natural, of course. But when you have faith in Him and His processes, you rely on Him despite who is the POTUS. Panic and fear is not of Him. Just trust in Him for everything as you do in your everyday life. Nothing in life is guaranteed. Our lives aren’t guaranteed. Panicking about the newly elected president and we don’t know if we will even be alive when he is sworn in, shouldn’t be. Nothing is certain not even being alive the next second. The Lord is who you put your trust in everyday even if there wasn’t an election. 


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There’s Someone… —

There’s Someone…

There’s Someone….
🌻There’s someone that is on top of dark clouds, not realizing that there is light under and above the darkness. You just have to remain faithful to Him and keep thanking Him for everything. When you say everything, that means everything. For, you didn’t even have to be awake to experience what you are. By experiencing discomfort, that’s a sign that you’re still alive. Anyone that’s alive has purpose. It doesn’t matter what condition they are in, what they’ve endured, and what they will endure, being alive means #Purpose, #Grace, & #Favor. It’s not meant for everyone to understand because only ONE created us. 
🌻God isn’t a punisher. Even though we endure heartaches and pain, He never punishes us. We are allowed to go through things, however. Everything we go through is part of life’s lessons/design, which determines if we are ready for the next step in life. Discomfort brings growth in Him and a stronger sense of value in self in you realize what discomfort really is.  
🌻No one is perfect. Nothing is perfect. However, you won’t grow if you keep trying to make things & people be what they obviously aren’t. You’ll waste moments of your life wishing or trying to restore something that shouldn’t be restored if peace is what you need in your life. It’s nothing wrong with letting go of things that bring dysfunction, unbalance, and chaos. We weren’t born to constantly have to wonder and be uneasy just to maintain a relationship with anyone in any type of situation. 
🌻Life is too fragile, uncertain, and precious to not enjoy it! Thank Him for everything, Pursue your dreams, treat yourself, love those you can up close, pray for those you love from afar, and do what makes you smile! 
🌻If you’re not self-actualized, work towards it. It’s better to take risks and have to try again, than to never try anything at all. Don’t have lists of “I should haves”. Makes lists of “I am going to do….” (Speak what you want, set a date to complete) and demolish each dream set! There’s nothing like checking off goals reached. But if you never try, you never know what you can achieve. But don’t let anything or anyone keep you from “becoming”! Don’t hinder yourself either. 

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