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Thankfulness & Trusting Him

Be thankful for everything. Just thank Him–all you have comes from Him…the good, tough lessons, everything. It’s all for a reason. Sometimes when we keep doing the same things to ourselves that hurt us, and he gives us no relief, it’s a lesson, reminding us-haven’t I told you before dear one? When will you get it? All things that hurt us aren’t meant to HURT us, they’re meant to teach us. We don’t get it until we GET it through ways that physically or emotionally hurt us badly. Same as Him constantly saying, Haven’t I shown you who they are? He’s said this to me sooo many times, seriously. I finally get it. Listen to your instincts and your bodies people, that’s His way of sending you signals. When you don’t, the signals become messages and the messages become lessons and then tests and thus trials. Each time it becomes harder, weighing on your mind, body, and soul. Your instincts or as many say your gut which is discernment–spirit of the truth my Late Aunt Ada called it, can save you from so much. Thing is, we always want things to be different. We want people to be different. We want to give benefit of the doubt. We want to give chances. But what are you losing doing so? Yourself…Listen to what’s been shown/told to you. Being empathic is okay. But wasting time losing yourself and going against what He’s shown is damaging. Be thankful & pay attention!