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                     clg’s Reflections 
I’m thankful for favor while walking through deception and walking by demons. Thankful I’m yet alive after all I’ve endured in just this year. I’m thankful for still being sane when I know it was meant for me to lose my mind. I’m thankful for the times I did what was right versus what I felt at those moments and didn’t catch a charge because Ma, and my Team, #TeamCandy 😏, need me. I’m thankful for my team. I love them so. I’m thankful for discernment and being able to walk away from those that intentionally do me harm. I’m thankful for being able to function even when I’m angry enough to spit fire. Im grateful that I can smile through tears and maintain. Through it all, I’m still here. I’ve maintained a job, home, family, school, visiting my Ma everyday, relationships and school. I managed to get a 4.00 this semester and it’s because of something called FAVOR. Tears–I’ve cried an ocean of them. Yet I’ve been kept. I’m thinking of the title of my next book, a true story, based on events of my life this past year. I’m hoping I can find time to write it. Through it all, I have joy. Through it all, it is well! I’ve learned so much. I’ve hurt much more than I imagined, but I’m yet alive and it shall be better than it is now. 
When the unimaginable happens, it takes us to places we can’t imagine. Sometimes it seems we can’t breathe and shan’t ever see the sun again, breathe right again or smile again. But because of favor, mercy, and purpose, storms don’t always last & He sends genuine people to lift spirits when down. He also reveals those that don’t have good intentions and those that you thought loved you and would always remain. He shows you who’s genuine & who could give less than a rat’s bottom about you. But sometimes it takes catastrophes for so much to be revealed. Is it heartbreaking? Yes, but everything happens for a reason. Sometimes it saves the life of someone and that’s something to be grateful for….so much to be grateful for. Life is precious. He gave us life and we are supposed to protect and preserve it the best we can. 
We are also supposed to use everything we endure to learn and grow. Nothing is going to be easy. No matter how hard life becomes, we must never forget we didn’t create ourselves. We exist because our Father created us and we exist with purpose. Who are we to give up or want to cease to exist when we didn’t create ourselves and this life? Everything is part of the molding of our futures. No matter how awful the moments we go through, it’s shaping and preparing us for something that’s part of our purpose. 
It’s not about what others think or say. It’s not even about how others feel about us. That’s not our concern. It’s about what we know, what we have to do and what we feel. If we live our lives based on the concepts of others, we aren’t living at all. We never know how strong we are until we are faced with the unthinkable and must act immediately. Never downplay your strength. Never downplay your capabilities. You are as strong as you need to or want to be. Never doubt yourself. Always have faith in yourself and when you know you’ve done your best, be pleased with your processes. I’ve learned more about my strengths, my enemies, and reviving my passions in life. I’ve learned more about love and realness that I could ever imagine. I’m not perfect. I never will be. I’m grateful I’m still here working on new chapters in my story. I’m perfectly imperfect & I’m happy about it. 
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