Just Another Post...(Pictures & Thoughts)


Everyone won’t understand your pain. Many won’t even care. Some are actually happy. They couldn’t wait to see you there. 
Everyone won’t even pray for you. Misery loves company. They sit around & wait to hear of what’s happened next. They never think, what it was me?
Many play both hands. They love to see people about to explode in trials. They pretend to be empathic. When all the time, they’re adding fuel to the fire. 
During your hardest points in life, you learn who’s honestly true. You learn who’s nosey, supportive, who just wants to gossip and/or who loves you. 
You learn by paying attention to your instincts. They were placed within you for a reason. Don’t try to fight against what you know. It’s there for you to listen. 
The Holidays remind you of those of you’ve lost and if they were truly losses. Reflect and develop new goals, but remember each person that’s gone played a role. 
From each role you learned what you want and don’t want in your life. You learned more about your value and what you deserve. What’s worthy takes hard work & strife. But don’t waste time on things & people that don’t value you & what you offer. 
Know who you are at all times. Don’t limit yourself to maintain a relationship with ANYone. If they’re right and worthy, you’ll never have to change for anyone under the sun. 
Remember the best things in life are free. Don’t become too absorbed in anything to the point that you lose your vision and you can’t see what’s happening around you. Don’t get too caught up until you’ve lost the most important person, YOU…
What’s real is consistent. What’s real isn’t selfish. What’s real is obvious! Make sure you’re real to yourself…


Even if you lose everyone else. Don’t lose yourself. The good thing is that He will never fail you. Even when everyone else does, He won’t. Lies, rumors, reputations…at some points in life, those things won’t matter…being in perfect peace because of Who has your back…that’s all that will matter. Humans will let you down all day everyday UNTIL you are beneficial to them, no matter WHAT you’ve done FOR them. He won’t, His love is everlasting and with Him, there is no bartering…