Just Another Post...(Pictures & Thoughts)


The best thing anyone can do for themselves is to stop doubting themselves and what they KNOW that they KNOW. It’s not about what you think others think or know. It’s all about how you feel when you lie down at night. It’s about holding “yours down”. It is all about the hurricanes and tornadoes you’ve endured but somehow you are still alive. 
Life has a way of making you doubt your entire existence and purpose. But then something happens that makes you remember you have no authority to even begin to do so. Things happen to remind you that no matter what, your King loves you. When the odds are seemingly stacked against you, He’s there! He’s also strategically put people in your life that are your storm shelters. Even though he’s the ULTIMATE STORM SHELTER. There are humans that are here beside you to shelter you during your storms. No one that you encounter, that remains in your life or leaves your life and returns, is a mistake. He strategically KNOWS what he’s doing. He KNOWS the business. 
You just have to be at peace with things you can’t change and trust that He will keep you and trust that everything is part of your purpose in life. It’s ALL about embracing the executive decisions HE puts upon you to make, whether you want to or not. It isn’t about whether someone else likes it or has an issue with it. It’s ALL about what you KNOW that you must do. 
At the end of our lives, our business isn’t with these people that judged us based on what they thought of us or what we should’ve or should not have done. That’s for family, friends, colleagues, spouses, enemies, and etc. Our final business is with our Creator. None of us have room to pass judgment. 
Just contemplate on the things that you know and be certain that you KNOW what you KNOW. Make sure that when you lie down at night you’re at peace and have done the best thing you could’ve done. Make sure you realize that no one is perfect and long, hard looks should be taken in YOUR mirrors before looking in the rear view at the person behind you when you don’t know their story. 
Don’t sell yourself and your discernment short. It was placed within you for a reason. Follow it if you desire peace and to have a sense of self-actualization and fulfillment. Follow it to know Him, to know Love, to know Joy. Nothing is easy. But doubting yourself and going against the grain is even harder because you are losing yourself attempting to please people. People didn’t create you or instill anything in you. So why is it they should be pleased while you live in turmoil? Break the cycle…Stop the doubt…Begin to LIVE, while you can…