Just Another Post...(Pictures & Thoughts)

The Reality of it all…

As children you think you need everyone, especially those you like or love. As young adults you think you need your peers or friends more than family in some situations, as you are trying to find yourself & your place in the world. After you experience “life” your views on everything changes. Your view on the world changes. 
Many say “Family: We all we got!” For those that can honestly say that, they are blessed beyond measure if they have a family that is truly there for them and they reciprocate the love for them as well. 
As adults, you learn what true reciprocity is about. You learn who you truly need. You learn who truly loves, needs and wants you. You learn who your real ones are. Your early years were the “rehearsal” years. They only slightly prepared you for what lies ahead, only slightly. The ones you thought would always be around, wouldn’t. The ones you thought were genuine, they weren’t in all cases. 
You learn that family isn’t always those related to you. You also learn what you need more than anything…faith in God. Without faith, nothing is possible. You need Him, His Grace, Mercy, and to persevere more than anything else. It’s everlasting. It will never end. 
You also learn that it’s more important to live to please yourself than it is to please others, any day. There’s nothing like being intrinsically motivated to become self-actualized.