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There’s nothing better than sharing ideas for a prosperous future…it’s so much more to life than sharing foolery. No one has time for that. It’s all about growth and purpose and trying to “get there”! It’s about being happy and living the best life you can. It’s about leaving behind the things that bring you down. When visions are placed inside of you, they were placed there for a reason. When those visions are there consistently, they are meant to be fulfilled. Just develop a plan and make it happen already! Many won’t understand your why’s and don’t care about that. YOU know why. It makes sense to you because you see that vision in your mind’s eye. Just keep praying along the way that you are kept to make your vision become a reality. 💖Just Smile💖Just Keep Going💖Just Keep Planning💖Just Make It Happen
I believe in putting goals/visions in writing or some type of format (electronic or paper). It makes them “official”. It allows you to hold yourself accountable. It gives you such a wonderful feeling when you reach them and can check them off. Those are milestones to celebrate along life’s journey. Every small goal reached is a step toward your vision becoming a reality. #AlmostSelfActualized


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