Just Another Post...(Pictures & Thoughts)


Sometimes it keeps you in bondage. It keeps you behind invisible prison walls because you simply refuse to do certain things you want to do. You remain stubborn because others are stubborn. #TooMuchPride! 
You won’t do because of what others won’t do. But how does it truly make you feel? Have you truly done ALL you could’ve done to reach an optimal solution?
Broken -ships 💔💔💔
FriendSHIPS, situationSHIPS, intimate relationSHIPS, associateSHIPS, working relationSHIPS, family relationSHIPS…all of them….
If there’s someone that you miss the ORIGINAL PERSON, meaning, who they once were, and the relationship you once had with them, tell them. Even if it does no good, let them know. Reach out to them and try to mend the relationship by letting them know you miss them. It’s different when your relationship with some have always been strained, it’s kind of like it’s nothing to miss but when there’s someone that was there and you had a bond but things somehow went awry, and it seems you’re both being stubborn and there’s a communication barrier, knock that barrier down, TODAY. Let them know like look, I don’t know what’s going on but I want to fix it. It doesn’t mean I’m weak or brown nosing. I’m human though and I miss you. Missing the original person is only human nature. 
Life and life’s changes bring many twists and turns and we get detoured. It doesn’t mean we love people any less. It just means that different circumstances pull us in different directions. Talking things out never hurts. It could be found that your season is in fact up. But you won’t know it if you remain stubborn behind those invisible walls, loving and missing someone that you can’t go a day without thinking about. 
Think about it….