Just Another Post...(Pictures & Thoughts)


Isn’t it simply amazing how the heart yet beats even when it’s trampled on, punctured, bruised, and even taken out and put inside of someone else’s body…through all of that, it will still work…and it’s nothing but a muscle (well a muscular organ). It is tough yet the most fragile one in the body because it hurts differently from all the rest. The others hurt based on physical pain. This one hurts from physical pain or trauma AND emotional pain. It aches based on mood, and situations, etc. Yet many don’t understand that people can die from heart break just as people die from heart attacks & stress…be careful who you push to the max. You never know how people are doing on the inside because of the ignorance you take them through on the outside. Everyone doesn’t share their thoughts. For some, it wears on their heartstrings, and it causes damage. Sound like a joke huh? It really isn’t. The heart & matters of the heart are amazing. clg💜