Just Another Post...(Pictures & Thoughts)

Be Careful…

You have to be careful what you say to everyone but especially to children. They never forget. I KNOW this to be true. There are things I was told as a child, horrible things, that I’ve never forgotten. Some don’t use them as tools to grow and advance. Some aren’t able to and the horrible things shape their lives and their futures and they become stuck, believing they aren’t worthy. I just wonder how do these people sleep at night after they have told children they won’t ever be anything. They wouldn’t want anyone to tell their children or nieces or nephews that. Even before I was a mother, I know I wouldn’t want to hear anyone telling any child that. I KNOW what it feels like to feel worthless as a child. I know what it feels like to feel invisible and misunderstood as a child. I wish adults would think about their choice of words when talking to children. If they are too upset just tell them they can’t talk right now instead of saying all the wrong things that have children second guessing themselves and their futures. Wake up people! Life is too short and children today are different from those of yesterday. They don’t always go home & cry about it or write about it when being mistreated, as I did and many others. Now they kill themselves or they kill others. Not saying this is right. I’m just saying we have to be careful. I’m not saying we should tip toe and not be firm adults. I’m saying we should treat children with respect. It’s a way to get your points across. Sometimes we have to be transparent and share some of the things we have endured as adults and children, to make them realize they aren’t alone in things. We aren’t perfect. Nothing and no one is. Yes we are out of school. We have our basic educations behind us. But we are yet learning. We are supposed to be life-long learners. We shouldn’t be so “perfect” where we can’t “bend” and show our “flaws” with children. They NEED to know we aren’t sitting high looking low at them. Yes they need to know the value of obtaining an education and that nothing is owed to them, of course, but they don’t need to be belittled under any circumstances. We know NOT what they have endured at home or in the streets. Who are we to make the feel unworthy, as adults, as educators,??? Who are we???? Just as they don’t know if we woke up feeling refreshed, we don’t know if they did either…#WakeUpPeople!