Just Another Post...(Pictures & Thoughts)


Sometimes it seems the rain won’t stop. But it’s impossible to rain forever. Nothing is new under the sun. It has NEVER rained forever. He wouldn’t allow it. 😉😊

When people continuously ATTEMPT to tear you down, you have choices. You can let them or you can smile and think about what it says about them, as they consistently ATTEMPT to make you feel less than a person. Hmmmm they must feel some type of way about themselves. The way people treat others for NO REASON teaches us how they feel about themselves. 
Never let anyone see you sweat. When you KNOW who you are and what qualities you have, there’s no reason to feel down about the minor things a petty person says. They are simply reaching…reaching for something wrong with you as they need something to find fault in you to help them validate themselves. Misery loves company and they love to see what’s not broken become broken. Don’t become broken because of someone else’s ignorance, misery, & pettiness!
We were all created with different assignments and talents. None of us are meant to be alike. Why strive to be like someone else? We are supposed to be distinct individuals! Stay unique and work toward your own assignments in life using your own talents. Be grateful for your uniqueness. Embrace who you are! Don’t shy away from the things that set you apart from everyone else. The smallest, yet most distinct things make us special. 😉☺️
Don’t dim your shine or dumb down for anyone, ever!