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Sometimes we can’t recognize what’s real and right before our eyes because we are too stuck in our failures of yesteryears. We are too stuck in the mess that hindered us from growing, loving, and becoming who we were created to be. Only when you exhale, letting go of all of that negative energy, toxic garbage and cutting ties with those that keep you bound, will you see what true love feels like. Then you will see what real friendship is. Then you will learn what living versus existing is. Then and only then! But when you stay bound by all of that “stuff”, you won’t feel anything genuine. You won’t attract anything genuine. #ThenAndOnlyThen
Then you will realize the reasons for those different seasons you went through. You will realize what everything was all about, EVERYthing. It will all make sense. It will be YOUR moment of self-actualization. The thing is…it won’t make sense to everyone. It isn’t supposed to because it is your story. It was put inside of you. He created you with this purpose, with this story…with this life.
#ThenAndOnlyThen will you realize that none of those trials were in vain. None of the opposition was in vain. It was all part of the shaping, the molding, the creating…of you…


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  1. You know….reading this brings strong feelings….private feelings made public…so much to say here….but will allow the silence to express it….thanks for the piece you have written

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