Just Another Post...(Pictures & Thoughts)


I. If you don’t thank Him for the smallest of things, how do you expect to receive an increase?
II. Everything happens according to a pattern. The pattern is not always the same. Yet is happens according to a pattern all the same. Once you become “in sync”, you will learn your “pattern” and the pattern of your life.
III. Doubt will make you question everything and everyone. It will make you not be able to relax, not even at night. Learn to relax and let things flow. What’s meant to be will be. What’s for you will be for you. The world won’t stop if you take some time for yourself.
IV. You are worth it…worth it all. Stop selling yourself short. Stop neglecting yourself and putting yourself down. Stop saying tomorrow I will do it for myself. Tomorrow may not come. Do it now. You are worth it. Call your own bluff and do those things for yourself. You are worth it.