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Only You….

Only you know your breaking point. Only you know what your “self-actualization” is. What works for many won’t work for you. Only you know your heart. Only you know what you want and don’t want. Only you know what your eyes have seen and what your ears have heard. Only you know what secrets you hold for others. Only you know what you walk around with daily carrying for others. Only you know the contents of your heart. So when you reach the points of no return in so many situations, it is no need in trying to explain. Explanations aren’t needed. Just wave your hand and keep it moving. Love yourself enough to spare details. Just keep walking, Queen. Keep moving down that long, winding road. Don’t look back. Just keep walking. Those that matter won’t ask questions or formulate their own opinions. By your side they will simply stand. That’s how realness is. Only you know.

Only you.

That is why He created only one of us. Even twins are distinct individuals with different feelings and characteristics. Let the naysayers do their jobs. Let everyone stay in their places with smug faces. It is all part of their destinies. For misery loves company. All of us are chosen to do something. If we waste time of the thoughts of others we are missing out on out chosen paths. We are missing time loving the ones that love and need us.

Only you know what you want. Only you know what song is playing in your soul. Only you know which path you will take, left or right. Only you… Only you…

Only you…

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(From the upcoming book, The Walk Away: A Novel…Coming 2K15)