Just Another Post...(Pictures & Thoughts)


Always, always, always listen to your children. Their pain is your pain. You are their protector, their advocate. If they can’t depend on you to save them, expect them to seek others out as a safe haven source. If someone is hurting them, be their advocate! There are ways to handle things appropriately. Never leave your child hanging. Never have your child feeling insignificant, walking around with a sense of nothingness, a sense of no belongingness. God entrusted YOU/US as parents to take care of them. If they need help, help them. If they need a hug, hug them. They need to know they are loved daily. This needs to be imprinted in their minds and hearts. Love is shown by actions. It is not demonstrated by the of showering material things. Listen when your children talk. Let them know how important they are. Let them know you are always available and they can tell you anything, anytime, any place.