Just Another Post...(Pictures & Thoughts)


It’s amazing how different things would be if we tried to understand people instead of criticizing them for everything, I mean EVERYthing. When you lack understanding, ask. Some things aren’t for some people, yet when you make your lack of knowledge and criticism of others the topic of conversations for anyone that may listen, maybe it is time to talk directly to the source. The worst they can do is tell you their rationale or tell you it isn’t your business. Either way, at the end of the day, your feelings about someone and how they live their lives, is your business, not theirs. No one is changing their lives to suit anyone just to take a few footsteps inside their “glass” house. Take a long look in the mirror before judging the next person. Then, you must be careful who you talk about someone to. I say this oh so much. Just because you “think” you are close to a person, don’t be so certain. Your conversations often end up right back to the person you attempted to annihilate. The thing is, you attempt to destroy everyone unless they give you what you want for the moment. #whatAShame. Think before speaking. Be careful with your words. Please choose wisely & remember, this life was given to us. We didn’t create ourselves. We didn’t create our own purposes. We weren’t created in our own images. Just work on your purpose instead of seeking to destroy someone else’s. This life isn’t our own at all. Instead of making a big deal of holidays, make a big deal out of life, period.