Just Another Post...(Pictures & Thoughts)


Quiet…Pay attention…Listen for discernment

When we are too caught up in being the glue for others, we fall short and don’t even realize it. As long as we are barely making it emotionally & physically, the human mosquitos are happy. Just as mosquitos are blood suckers, the human mosquitos are life suckers. They don’t care about your issues. They are selfish. They have one song they play and want you to dance to their music. When WE (the glue people, the fixers, the ‘dependable’ ones) put in another cd, we are for sure the worst people on the planet. When we step away, to save ourselves, ALL of the things we ever did, the good things, are now null & void. We are now degraded, lied on, & mistreated just because WE decided to live for ourselves, as we all have one life to live, that HE gave us. When selfish people don’t get their way, no matter how old they are, they have tantrums. Let them have a tantrum. Let them stay mad. Let them slander your name because at the end of the day, you know & He knows. It matters NOT what others THINK! Do what brings a smile to your face & a twinkle in your eyes.

••This is for all my peeps that are always strong for everyone. You are the secret holder for your friends & family. You hold the weight of so many, invisibly, on your shoulders YET you still manage to face another day because of your faith & because you know your worth!••
#YesYouAreWorthy, #LetThatWeightGo, #LetEmTalk, #TimeForAChange, #LoveYourselfInfinitely!