Just Another Post...(Pictures & Thoughts)


Life lessons come when you least expect them. It is good to always be open minded. That way, you will not miss the lesson. If you keep a “oh woe is me” attitude or keep sending invitations out to your parties–“pity parties”, you/we will never grow, learn, feel, or love! All of us go through things. It isn’t everyone’s business, as everyone doesn’t need to know your strife because many are happy to see you down. With that being said, pain is pain. Yes there are different types of pain, true. But empathic people can “feel” you, even if they haven’t experienced the same type of pain. Be careful who you let comfort you. Some comforters are truly not comforting you. They are soul-seeking, information-sucking, happiness/dream-killers that want you miserably going insane. Be careful and realize who is real and not seasonal. I know I have mentioned this a lot in my texts. It is because it is something I truly know about and I see it so much with others, but they don’t realize it. The things I share are instinctual things that are put on me to share. As I have said before, perfect or near perfect, I am not. None of us are! I just share what falls on my heart to and I feel it happens for a reason.