Just Another Post...(Pictures & Thoughts)


Time…It is something we can’t control yet we all need it. We all need time to breathe, cry, self-evaluate, demote some, promote others, love, laugh, do something fun and silly, and to just do nothing at all. Time stands still for nothing and no one. Sometimes we all wish we had a pause button so we can feel those “precious moments” a little while longer. We all want to be able to live our lives effectively. We set goals, we hit and miss. Yet we have to learn how to get back up and keep fighting because time is passing. No matter how many detours and heartaches we endure, we have to take TIME to learn how to nurture ourselves. We have to learn what we can and can’t deal with. Everyone won’t understand your chosen actions or path. Some will attempt to shake your views, attempting you make you feel inferior or wrong for doing what is best for you. However, only you know what you must do. Only you know what is better left alone. Everything is not meant to be told or understood by others. You learn who is genuine to you when you take steps in different directions and those people still remain. In time, everything will come full circle. Don’t rush your process. There is no progress without a process…