Just Another Post...(Pictures & Thoughts)


We receive messages or confirmations even when we are not looking for them. Life is amazing. For the past month, I have contemplated and even mentioned that I was going to stop sending these messages via sms/iMessage. Each time I am about to decide for certain that I am done with these and will only post to my website, as I am not using my Facebook business page right now, someone tells me how they needed what I sent or I see my message on one of my little cuzzy’s Instagram or something. Wtbs, looks like I will be continuing a little longer. My schedule sometimes interferes with me remembering to send them. However, my thought for today is to simply pay attention to the small things, the confirmations, and the things that almost go unnoticed. You never know how your words impact someone else. I keep saying stay away from negativity! I can’t say this enough. No I am not full of positive energy. No individual has only positive energy, as none of us are perfect. We all have gray areas that we need to work on. However, the less trash you keep around you, the less flies you have to swat. #RealTalk, #IKnowThisFirstHand!!!