Just Another Post...(Pictures & Thoughts)


4-2-14 Real Talk–
People, don’t let life pass you by and you show no love or appreciation for those that have held you down even when there were no circumstances in which you needed holding down. I am talking about the ones that are and have been truly loyal to you. Don’t take them for granted because of their kindness. One day they will not be there for you to finally say a simple thank you or for you to do a kind gesture for. They will be long gone and would have placed you in the “Yesterday” category. You would have become a product of their past. Treasure those that show you unconditional love before it is too late. No one is perfect. We all fall short. We all make mistakes in life. Yet, we all point at others instead of pointing at ourselves. Acknowledge your mistakes and move on. Life is too short for so much foolishness, using others and taking people for granted. We were created to love each other, ourselves, and Our Creator. Don’t waste time with backbiting, lying, making fools of yourselves, and hating others. Stop blaming people for your problems, lashing out at the world or the first person that messes up because you are miserable. If you are insecure, inferior and miserable, those problems exist within you, not the next person. Fix yourselves before attempting to check the next person. How about this–salute the next person vs shooting them down. You just may learn some ways to improve yourselves! Life is too short and eternity is way too long to spend it being ignorant.