Just Another Post...(Pictures & Thoughts)

Real Thoughts…#EarlyMornings!

Early Morning Thoughts…Real thoughts. I decided to share as I’ve learned that you never know who identifies with you and/or simply needs to hear things out of the blue as a personal confirmation. It is lengthy though. Each day, I thank God for my aces! I don’t claim to be perfect because I write these messages and share them or because when my advice/opinion is asked, I give it or because I am a writer and counselor. None of us are perfect or near perfect. I know I am not. But I share just because…

When growth takes place, we realize ALL the things we no longer need. We realize what we have, how to continue growing, how to love in perspective, walk away from revolving doors, enjoy the life we have and chunk deuces to everything that serves as negativity or to use us up. In time, what goes up comes down. When things come down, we realize what we HAD and let it go because if it is meant to be, it will be. Our lives flow according to His plan, not ours. Our navigation is nothing compared to His. As people, we always try to fix everything. We feel incompetent if we are NOT fixing something. I know I can’t stand to see my loved ones hurt. I like to attempt to make things flow better. But, the point is, none of us are ultimate fixers! Some things that we think need mending aren’t meant to be mended. Some things are meant to remain as they are–chipped, broken, or cracked. Even the finest of china sometimes break. True growth comes when we let go & stop hanging on. Too much time is wasted REMAINING in situations because of history, investments, emotions, and for the public. Only YOU know when you need to let go…not your friends, family, and/or colleagues. Don’t let visit from your past mess up your present and future when you know oh so well & recognize game! Yes, people can change. Just as time changes. But…it doesn’t mean they deserve time in your life now. Until you learn to say “game over”, you will always be in the arcade instead of the real world. We must learn to be at peace with our decisions. We know deep down inside what truly makes us smile and we know why we smile. The world doesn’t have to know because we must live our own lives! #OneLifeToLive, #RealThoughts, #LearnToExhale, #KissThoseThingsGoodbyeWithASmile. (clchg, 3-13-14)