Just Another Post...(Pictures & Thoughts)


Thought 1–Sometimes the things we least expect have the most profound impact on our lives. Take it for what it is and keep it moving! Thought 2–Everything we do and go through is meant to happen, even our wrongs. Nothing is perfect. Life is trial & error. We live, learn, fall down, but we have to get back up and try again. Life would be dull without mishaps. Without mishaps, there is no room to grow & expand our knowledge bases. 3–There is no justification for doing the things we do besides the fact that we want to do them (shrugs). Accept responsibility for your wrongs, just as you brag on your accomplishments. 4–It is nothing wrong with loving the ones you love from afar. You can’t always agree and get along with everyone. Distance doesn’t mean love is not there. It just means you will not be a fool any longer and that you love yourself enough to not put yourself through turmoil. 5–Weekends always bring reflections. Reflections can have you in your feelings. However, the knowledge gained is worth it. (clchg)