Just Another Post...(Pictures & Thoughts)


We as humans, want things the fast way. We want fast food, fast cars, fast money, & fast changes. Everything we do is a process, even down to the way we breathe, talk, eat, & sleep. Everything takes time. Nothing is easy or fast that is meant to be long lasting. WE all have to realize that we can’t rush ourselves to heal. WE can’t beat ourselves up because of the trials we have been through. WE can’t continuously settle for being unhappy. WE must learn how to take risks. WE MUST love ourselves. WE must give ourselves permission to trust ourselves to the fullest. WE know ourselves better than anyone else. WE must realize that WE were created to be joyous, in this beautiful world HE created for us. The world and humans were created to thrive and enjoy life. Even though things took a turn in the Garden of Eden with Adam & Eve, we are still the human race that HE created to fulfill a purpose and to be happy and thrive. So…go for it! Live your best life and shine. You owe it to yourself to do the best you can. WE owe it to ourselves to do the best WE CAN!!! (CLG, 9-10-13)