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The moments that you are in darkness are the moments He is closer. The moments of feeling isolated are the moments He is holding your hand. Never give up. Keep going to win. He did not make you, or more precisely, us, to drop like flies when things get rough. He created us to be strong. We just become overwhelmed with life & we forget who we are, who we are destined to become, & it seems we forget Him. Yet, He never left our sides. He was there each time our hearts were broken. He was there each time we had detours in life. He was there when we celebrated triumphs. He is always there. He reminds us of our ability. We just tend to forget them. It seems we get caught up listening to the naysayers. We get caught up hanging with a group of negative individuals that inhale & exhale to see people fail–failing jobs, failing marriages, failing health, & failing friendships. The soul seekers, the negative groupies are the ones that seek to destroy because they are of satan. Do not let anything put you and keep you in turmoil. We were not made to be miserable. Circumstances do NOT mean you have to be a product of them. Your upbringing is not a predictor of your future. You can overcome. You just have to believe. You have to have a connection with yourself. If you do not have one, develop one. You have to know who you are and what you want. If you don’t think you are awesome, you need to evaluate yourself. Being awesome does NOT mean you are perfect. We all have flaws & areas of weakness. Yet, we have strengths & talents as well. Find yours to connect with yourself. Challenge yourself to truly look at yourself. Don’t be afraid…#DoIt, #Faith, #Believe, #Trust (clg, 7-1-13)