Just Another Post...(Pictures & Thoughts)


Healing of the soul comes ONLY when you are ready and open to forgive. We must come to terms with the source(s) of pain and be willing to let go of it by entrusting the turmoil to Thee and forgiving yourself, realizing all happens as it does for a reason. Everything we endure even down to spilled coffee is part of our journey, our life’s design. Exhale condemnation and embrace a new life. Nothing is worth holding yourself hostage. Yesterday and yesteryears are part of the past. Each sin, each right thing, all of our actions shaped who we are today. If God can forgive us, we must work on forgiving ourselves. Hatred has no place in our soul when God has forgiven us of our wrongdoings. He is the Great I AM and He forgives. Who are WE to continuously convict ourselves, sentencing ourselves to a life of hell within??? #LetItGoWithConfidence (clg, 6-12-13)