Inspirational Thoughts · Just Another Post...(Pictures & Thoughts)


The things we endure have been endured before. There is nothing that is happening or will happened that has never happened. People have similar experiences or the same. Yet, each person’s reactions are different because we are all different. We were all created unique. That is evident down to our appearances, our personalities and to be more concrete, our fingerprints. There are no carbon copies of ANY of us. Even twins are different. We are entitled to feel the way we feel and act the way we act in the face of adversity, trials, and during the bright moments in our lives as well. We should keep in mind that even though we are ONE…there is no other like us, we are not alone in our struggles. The same things we struggle with, others do too. We just have to use those struggles to turn them into triumphs. We appreciate things more when we can reflect on all of the trials we faced to achieve positive results. The hard times teach us -> 1. who is really by our side 2. what life is really about and 3. God is there waiting, hoping we come to Him for guidance