Just Another Post...(Pictures & Thoughts)


TGIF!!! ((Multiple Thoughts Today))
An unselfish heart is a peaceful heart. Try helping others instead of waiting on them to fall down. How can we prosper when we always wish ill on others? Sometimes we want so much more for others. Yet, there is only so much WE can do to help others. They have to have the intrinsic desire to want to do better. There comes a time when we have to realize that there is a difference between always helping and being used and/or taken for granted. Sometimes, we have to learn how to love others from afar. It doesn’t mean you have hard feelings or you wish them harm. It simply means you love YOUrself enough to stop going against the grain (your gut), just because…It means you realize it is time to stop the foolery and let it be. Sometimes peacefully walking away is the best decision for many situations/relationships. The thing is–> when you know what you know that YOU KNOW…nothing and no one can make you see differently, because it comes from within. We all have to face ourselves at the end of the day…Can you look at yourself, deep within your own eyes without shame, without blinking, without regret, without looking away and be happy with what you have done? If not, your heart is not at peace. At some points, we have to STOP the victim roles. WE, as in the human race, must stop placing blame on others, when we need to have an empty chair conversation, with ourselves and realize we are responsible for our own decisions. We NEED TO STOP blaming ourselves, when it wasn’t our fault. We need to KEEP IT REAL because the more you lie to yourselves, the deeper you become disconnected with yourselves and living a lie becomes easier. Only you know when you are ready to have a peaceful heart. Not one single person can do it for you. Spread joy instead of hatred, lies, and rumors. Give it a try. (clg, 4-26-13)