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30 poems in 30 days

30 Poems in 30 Days Day 11


How Do I?


How do I begin to pick up the pieces of my heart?

It seems to broken, so pulled apart.

I trust God to fill the void you left.

Even though it is hard and I have wept.

How do I begin to fully let go?

I know what you’d say, if you could tell me so.

You’d say, “Baby, don’t worry. I am okay.

I told you I don’t want you upset. You can face another day.”

The pain cuts deep. It is unexplainable.

Yet I talk to God about it to make it manageable.

When I think I am fine, thoughts come to mind.

Then I am right back where I was, questioning myself,

Trying to place my feelings upon a shelf, saying,

How do I?

CLG, ©2013


30 Poems in 30 Days, Day 12


Full Circle

We live, we learn, we sometimes fail.

Yet life is amazing. On waves, we sail.

We go round and round, in circles all the time.

We begin to wonder, how and when was the decline?

Everything you issue comes back to you—the good, the bad, and the evil too.

Life consists of full circles, circles we all create.

We must deal with the contents we put on our full plates.

Our plates are our lives, the ones we make choices about.

We have to be careful how we treat others, without a doubt.

CLG, ©2013