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Day 3 Poetry


National Poetry Month (30 Poems in 30 Days, Day 3)



Drip, drip, drop,

the raindrops are pouring down,

falling from the Heavens.


Some say raindrops are God’s tears.

It would make sense if it was true that he would be

shedding tears for the world. It would make sense that

He would be crying for the sins that we have committed,

the ones that we have not asked Him to forgive us for.


The raindrops, if they were from God’s eyes,

they would be for all of the murders, rapes, all crimes,

the abusing, misusing, the lies, the games, the treachery,

all of the horrible things that happen on a daily basis in this world,

His world, one He created for us, as He created us to enjoy His

world. Yet, it seems all we seem to do is destroy, as if we are

descendants of Satan instead of having been made in His likeness.


The raindrops, they come heavy, sometimes they come light.

They should be a symbolic way of washing the world’s sin away.

When the rain stops, it should mean that lessons have been learned

and people will live harmoniously versus trying to tear each other down,

living for deceit and pain. Drip, Drip, drop, Raindrops.

Candace L. Gillespie, ©2013