Inspirational Thoughts · Just Another Post...(Pictures & Thoughts)


Learn to say “It is okay” & mean it. We have to release people and situations we have no control over. Ask God for help. Let Him be your guide. You can only win! It may take time. But you will win. Trust Him and move beyond simple. Move beyond frustrating people & situations. Focus on Him and the ones you know love you and care. Let go of seasonal relationships. Stick to the ones that are there through rain, snow, sunshine, wind gusts, storms, the blooming of flowers & the falling of leaves. It is time out with repair attempts. There are only so many attempts you can make before you decide to remove the item. Only you can protect your heart. Stop wasting time and effort on inconsiderate leeches. Let it go. God knows all of your efforts. Be at peace with walking away! Clg–3-29-13