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The Wind

The Wind…many think of the wind as an opposing force. It blows our hair, objects from our yard to others, and objects into our yards from other yards. The sound of the wind on an extremely windy day can be frightening, as it has a howling type of sound. It may remind you of a horror movie’s effects. The wind can be an asset. Sometimes things get “blown” out of our lives that we don’t need. Yet, sometimes things get blown away that we want. The wind is synonymous with life. Sometimes it is good, sometimes bad. Yet no matter what we do or don’t do, we can’t stop things from being blown away that are meant to go away with the wind, even if we tie it down. Just like life, we can’t stop things that are meant to happen, from happening. We know there will be difficult days so we can prepare by focusing on what is important. We may not know what will happen. We just know we all will face some hard days. We know sometimes about wind advisories. We know to use caution when driving. Yet sometimes we don’t know and the wind gusts come hard, heavy, and loud. In all things, just put your trust in your Creator. He can calm the winds and He can bring a sense of calmness to your life. You just have to believe. {CLG, 3-5-13}


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