Inspirational Thoughts · Just Another Post...(Pictures & Thoughts)




Sometimes the truth hurts,

We all want smiles, we want happiness,

even if only for a little while.


The pain cuts deep, yet we must forgive and move on.

If we chose to hold grudges we can’t make it to Heaven’s door, and

be welcomed home.


In God we should trust, In Him we should lean

we can’t make it hurting others and being mean.


When the pain is hard to bear,

count on God, friends and family to help, that is

why they are there.


Don’t worry about the reasons, things happened as they did.

Just focus on your life and the season, the season in which you are in.


Time brings changes to self. So many changes,

many more valuable than abundant wealth.


Focus on time. It doesn’t stand still.

Focus on YOURSELF, and doing His will.


Let bygones be bygones, let that mess go.

Your future can be awesome, but you must speak it as so.
Dry your tears with a smile. Hold your head up high.

God kept you through all the trials.


Doors open and shut, it is part of His plan.

Realize your source, it is no earthly man.


Take disappointments in stride. Don’t give up just now.

In the future you will look back and be amazed, wow!