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2-13-13 Honesty

Honesty begins within. Why do we attempt to fool others? How honest are we with ourselves? How dare we expect anyone to be real with us when we constantly lie to ourselves in an effort to be something & someone we are not and for WHAT? Soul search to find your desires. Soul detox to get rid of the toxic things (people, organizations, habits, etc) that keep us weighed down, sinking before we reach the shore, the shore of our dreams. Value your life enough to be honest! Your life is a gift. Gifts should be appreciated & not taken for granted. You are reading this so you are yet alive for a reason! We yet exist because of our Creator. There is nothing WE did to be here. Live a life of purpose. If you help only one person become better, your life has meaning & has not be in vain. {{HONESTY, SEARCH, DETOX, VALUE, APPRECIATE, PURPOSE, MEANING}}  clg, 2-13-13