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1.3.2013 #3

For 2013 & Beyond…When negativity is brought to you, don’t accept it or relish in it. Negativity is toxic for the soul. It does not matter if family, friends, or colleagues bring you a platter of negativity, don’t jeopardize your peace for garbage. Everyone copes with things differently. Don’t let others empty their trash on you and they keep it moving because they are fine and you are left with toxic burdens. Release it up front and surround yourself with positive, self-affirmation thoughts/statements & people that really care for you, your emotions, & goals! You can do great things when you focus on your priorities & let go of negativity. No one has a perfect attitude or personality. You just have to learn how to deal, accordingly, instead of finger pointing & assuming the world is against you. #FocusLetGoOfFoolishnessAndProsperNoOneIsPerfect! (CLG, 2013)