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When people always, always make it appear as if they are the victim, criticizing everything and everyone else ALL THE TIME, something is wrong. Everybody has hard times or heartbreaks. However, when one feels the need always put others down, to amplify themselves, something is wrong. They are attempting to get people to shift the attention to others, to decrease the focus on themselves. Sometimes there is a scary person inside, yet a mean person to always belittle people to turn others against them. It is good to often take a long, long look in the mirror and see what it is you see within yourself before you try to undermine others and make other people hate for no reason. Liars will lie. Cheaters will cheat. Thieves will steal. Drama begets drama. That is life. However, what matters at the end of the day is the way you feel about yourself your relationship with your true, true friends and family, and your relationship with your God. People will always, always attempt to bring you down. Your reaction to them shows your true character. Thing is, you either become one of them wallowing in ignorance or you learn to suck it up and move own. Let the chips fall where they may. Let people continue to attempt to corrupt your good name and character. However, Karma is real. You get what you give and that’s real talk. WE live, we learn, we love, and sometimes we lose. But, life goes on. Let liars lie and attempt to destroy. It only makes us work harder to be who we are destined to truly be. (CLCHG, 2012)