Inspirational Thoughts · Just Another Post...(Pictures & Thoughts)


I have done this message three times this morning and somehow I kept losing it. I will not be defeated though :-). Multiple thoughts today–1. Love comes from within. It is not about or SHOULD NOT BE ABOUT what a person CAN or WILL do for you that makes you love them. Love exists because of who they are inside. 2. Love is NOT a bartering tool. It shouldn’t be used for personal gain. 3. Don’t tell a person you love them when you don’t. There is often a thin line walked when it comes to love and playing with the emotions of others. If you don’t love someone, don’t feel you have to lie because you somehow THINK you owe them those three little words, quit playing. Life is too short to continue to lie and play with people. 4. Love is hard to put one definition to, yet easy to recognize because the feelings associated with it are like no other. 5. ALWAYS, ALWAYS love GOD and yourselves. In the end, that is all you really have. Treasure His grace and be grateful enough to treasure yourself because HE made you as you are, unique and beautiful. 6. Loving yourself does not mean you are selfish or arrogant. It just means you know your worth and you are supposed to love yourself, no matter what you are enduring. 7. Look in the mirror and smile, because your smile is what lights up the lives of someone and you have no idea. (clchg, 2012)