Poetic Thoughts · Poetry


I wonder…
I ponder…
I hypothesize…
I pray.

I cry…
I grieve…
I feel defeated,
Yet, I breathe.

I have faith,
I have values,
I have beliefs,
I have needs.

I seem invisible,
Yet I am not.

I am forgiving,
I am devoted.

I am who I am.
I am His child

I am a mother,
I am comitted.

Even though I am,
Who I am, many don’t see.

Many can’t comprehend
My depth, my persona, my ways.

I strive to be no one else
But who I am.

I wish to be a better me, there is not another I’d like to be.

I am simply me. I just want a piece of ‘life’.
I just want a slice of the pie of happiness.

I just want to relish in His goodness & block out the drama of this world.

For this world…it is not my home. I am merely a passerby. My destination is much bigger. This is only a stop towards true happiness and bliss.

I wonder
I ponder
I hypothesize
I pray.