A Dream?

A Dream?

Too good to be true, a love too strong to be real.
I replay the evolution in my head. I just keep wondering if it is real.

Did I conjure you up in my mind? Is this a dream? Loving you like the air I breathe. Is it a crime?

The look in your eyes, the gentle touch. The way you make me laugh, making me remember so much.

A love extraordinarily strong, you are the rhythm to my song. We have had each others hearts so long.

Entangled in a web of love. A love/hate kind of thing. My heart smiles when it is you, when my cell rings.

Your name is imprinted in my mind. I promised that I’d never again leave you behind.

Te Amo Daddy, I so love you. Yes it is real Daddy, I am in love with you.

Yet I keep thinking I am dreaming. This love can’t be real. I keep on telling you exactly how I feel.

Deep down within, you are my soul. I shall love you eternally, this love never grows old.

If for some reason, I have conjured this up inside of my head, just let me keep playing make-believe, without you, I’d rather be dead.

‘Til the end of our lives, I will always be…a love beyond love, you are Daddy, & I am always your baby!