Without You…

Without You

Heartaches, more like heartbreaks, when I look at your pictures, your face.

Chest pains, palipations, no regrets, just emotional frustration.

When I look at photos of you, I see parts of me. In your eyes, much familiarity.

A kindred spirit exists yet between us two. We were more than just relatives, you were my main chic too!

So many times, I’ve wished you were still here. I try not to think of you sometimes because the pain is surreal.

So much has happened since you went away. So much has changed since that unexpected March day.

Sometimes I think you are watching over me. Then again I think it is wishful thinking, just me.

I know you are resting in His arms. No more blood transfusions, no more danger or harm.

I miss you much. I always will. You are my girl, my bff forever, the one that knew all my secrets. You told me how to be clever– How to handle things, to always win. You never shut me out, even when in life, I did NOT win.

Never was I ashamed to be transparent with you. You understood me so well. You were just too cool.

Your battle got harder. Yet you had fought your entire life…surgeries, sickle cell crises, misery, pain, & strife.

A fighter, you were, you’d always been. I never imagined a day would come, when a battle, you didn’t win.

You were tired. You needed freedom to be, pain-free, and at peace, in Heaven with Thee.

««My Second Best Friend Forever, My Girl, My Aunt Liz»»

[[Maryliz Joan Sheard Jones, one in a trillion!]]