Inspirational Thoughts · Poetry



Too afraid to let go,
Uncertain of so much,
Once, in time.

Thinking I had to hang on to things, situations, & people I should have long ago left behind,
Once, in time.

The tolerance became lower for such trivial things. The desire for the foolery, was gone…no excitement, just nothingness.

No time for lame lies, backbiting, & games. There were more important issues at hand, too many to name.

Once in time I worried about maintaining things I did not need. I realized holding on to “what was”, was part of pure greed.

Once I learned the key, learning about what is meant to be, it was easy to let the “stuff” sail away from me, with no regrets, no need.

Everything happens for a reason. As life goes on, we find out about the tests. The tests we endured so in the end, in time He gave us rest.

Rest & peace from trying to remain where we should not. Releasing burdens, as if doves, as if I’d just tied the knot.

Some things have to be cut free. It eliminates misery. It decreases drama, increases happiness, & gives more reasons to pass lifes’ tests.

Once in time, we must realize our worth. We must realize we are valuable & have been since birth.

No more things undone. No more foolery. No more putting life into dead or insane issues, not ME!

Once I learned the key & how to simply say no. It brought such a wonderful feeling, one I could not ignore.

Renewal is a priority. Loving God & self are musts. When all falls down, call on Him. He is the one to trust!